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Office Gutter Clean

The owner of ARV Recruitment Solutions called Andy Klean for advise on an issue regarding their guttering.

The problem - during a downpour, the guttering was overflowing with rainwater.We inspected inside of the guttering to find it full of sludge, dirt and moss.

We asked the ultimate question, when were they last cleared out?
The answer was never!

The roof tiles on the office block are concrete, and over the years tiny bits of the tile erode and wash into the guttering. This sludge is heavy when wet and causes stress on the brackets and joints.

With the guttering so full, it is almost impossible for the rainwater to filter through the system so it starts to overflow. Over time, this can cause structural and damp issues.

We completely cleared the guttering using our specialist gutter vacuum and removed approximately 70 litres of waste!

Are you wondering what happens to all the guttering waste we remove?
We dispose of it correctly at our selected registered and licence recycling centre, Toms Rubbish Clearance.

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