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Gutter and uPVC Cleaning

This customers Guttering was clogged with moss and dirt. At the front of the property, the guttering was completely full, it was growing grass! This was causing water to completely overflow with water which was then running down the walls.

If this customer hadn’t booked Andy Klean to clear the guttering, it would of been a matter of time for the bigger problems to happen.The water socks into the walls, and during the winter frosts, that water solidifies, expands and creates cracks. When there are cracks, it just allows for water to ingress creating potential damp and expensive corrections.

We used a specialist gutter vacuum to hoover out the garden growing in the guttering, the moss and the dirt.We then cleaned the uPVC on the outside using a water fed pole system.

All this work was carried out safely, controlled and with out the use of ladders.

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