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Gutter Clear

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Gutter Clearing

gutter cleaning service bristol

Andy Klean will safely clear the inside of your guttering from all dirt, moss and debris and inspect your downpipes for blockages.

If your guttering system isn't functioning correctly due to dirt, moss and debris it can cause water to overflow. Overflowing water can cause damp problems to your property such as Penetrating Damp. What is Penetrating Damp? See below. To prevent little things from creating bigger problems, get your quote today.

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Why Clear the Guttering?

 Clear Blockages
 Stop damage from water overflowing
 Save money by avoiding costly repairs.

Add gutter clearing to your regular window cleaning service.
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Have Fascia Cleaning done with your Gutter Clear

Andy Klean will clean fascia boards and soffits dramatically improving the look of your property. fascia board and soffit cleaning is a great service to get done at the same time as Gutter clearing.

Andy Klean can get your fascia boards and soffits looking like new 99% of the time even when very dirty. The only exception is where the uPVC is very old and stained but it can still look so much better after cleaning.

Don’t worry if your fascia boards and soffits are not made of white uPVC, Andy can still clean other materials that are are grey and brown and get outstanding results.

Andy Klean can even treat scratches on uPVC, see below.

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fascia clean service bristol

Katharine Knight , Bristol
Date: 24-01-2019
Andy responded quickly to my enquiry for window, frame, window sill and gutter cleans at 2 properties - very professional and approachable. The work was completed expertly and the end result fantastic. Andy was also able to clean off the paint we had got on the windows when painting the outside of the house which exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended.
(Source: Facebook)

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Penetrating Damp


Blocked guttering and downpipe from moss has made the water run down the outside walls.


Damp has came through from the outside wall damaging plaster and made the paint bubble.

What is penetrating damp?

Damaged plaster, bubbles in paintwork and even damp musty smells internally means that outside needs to be checked for the way that rain water is managed outside your property.


Blocked or broken guttering or downpipes are very common reasons for penetrating damp. This results in water running down the walls.

Most important time of year for checking for blockages is the Autumn due to leaves.

On your next window clean get your gutter checked, call Andy

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