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Robyn Robson , Bristol

Date: 24-08-2019
Andy really was a life saver, a truely last minute booking, he squeezed me in his already busy day. cleaning my residential 3 storey town house to a 5 star standard and spruced up our garage and front door because he could! truely above and beyond ! 100% recommend . Thank you !
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Emma Smart , Bristol

Date: 14-02-2019
The service from Andy was prompt, friendly, professional and hassle free. From the first contact right to his follow up message to check how the service had gone was a smooth and efficient process with great quality. After a couple of window cleaners that did not provide the level of service and disappointing cleans, I was starting to think I would never find a window cleaner that would provide a quality clean or good service. Very impressed with Andy Klean and I will certainly keep getting my windows cleaned through his service. I can not recommend enough.

Andrea Clark , Bristol
Date: 03-09-2019
Well impressed and likeable friendly puts you at ease and doesn’t only do the stuff mentioned but searches for others bits to do and all in my price and can be proud again and Thank you Andy klean and highly recommended!
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