Gutter Cleaning – Water Overflow From The Corner

Do you have a 90°  gutter joint that is overflowing with water?

These 90° joints Get clogged up very often with moss, dirt or a piece of roof mortar. As soon a slight clogg occurs, the water flow is restricted and more  and more dirt builds up in the corner. When moss and dirt is exposed to rain water, it socks as much water up as possoble and becomes extremely heavy. Just imagine holding a dry car wash sponge, it is extremely light. Well now plunge it into a bucket of water and pull it back out. That sponge is now quite heavy isn’t it! Well It is the same principle in the gutters. The weight, will tip the joint backwards as its only held on with clips, and then as it rains, that water simply overflows.

Book Andy Klean for your Gutter Cleaning needs. we can clear all joints, guttering, downpipes and soakaways.

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Is Your Guttering Clear and Ready For Winter?

November is an extremely busy time of the year for Gutter Cleaning here at Andy Klean.

As the rain falls, home owners start to notice rain dripping over from certain points of the gutter system. It gets your mind thinking about winter and how much damage a clogged or blocked gutter can cause to your property.

Gutter Cleaning is an absolute essential to your system and a maintenance that’s very often taken serious, and that’s probably because you cant see up into the gutter to notice.

The whole purpose of a gutter system

The rain falls, it runs down the roof tiles and into the guttering. The Guttering is on a very slight slope which runs the rain water to the downpipe, the downpipe then drains the water into a drain or soakaway. This process is to prevent the rain water from running down your walls or dripping off the roof and cause flooding around the property foundations.

The Little Things That Create The Bigger Problems

Unfortunately, rain water isn’t the only thing that the guttering system catches.
Moss is the the most common substance we remove from guttering. It grows particularly well on concrete roof tiles and the birds love it! As it grows and happily lives on your roof tiles, it finds it self full of insects and when it rains, it soaks up all that water. Well, it’s a natural feeding source for birds so they tear it off and throw it away when finished. You’ll sometimes see it on the patio but what you don’t see is all that moss that has landed in the gutter.

As the moss, dirt and debris builds up in the gutter, it starts to clog when it rains, especially at the furthest point from the downpipe. When it rains, that water struggles to find its way to the downpipe, it just builds up and overflows. You don’t really notice a gutter overflowing unless it creates a dripping noise because, well let’s face it, who stands outside in the rain looking up at the gutter system?

That water can soak into your walls to create potential damp problems if left overflowing too long but also, the worst is frost. Winter falls,  any water in the walls will freeze and expand to create potential cracks, especially in rough cast.

Gutter Cleaning

Andy Klean can clear / unclog / unblock all of your guttering ready for winter!
We use a specialist gutter vacuum from ground level. This vacuum system uses lightweight carbon fibre poles that connect up to the correct height of your guttering and then we hoover all of the dirt, debris and moss out. This system can reach over extensions, conservatories and also get to those hard to reach areas without the use of scaffolding and ladders.

Protect your property and have complete peace of mind this winter by booking Andy Klean for your Gutter Cleaning needs.

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